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Join us live online as we worship our Lord Jesus Christ through song and the preaching of God’s Word. Our pastor, Jeff Redlin, will share relevant Bible truths that can change your life.

You can also download or listen to recent sermons below. We hope these messages will encourage you as you walk with the Lord.

Live Streaming Service Times
Sundays, 10:15 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Wednesdays, 7 p.m.

Live stream is also available on YouTube.
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Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Passage Date Audio Video
Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord Dr. Tim Zacharias Psalm 122:1 04/11/2021
Unhinged Emotions: Anxiety Dr. Jeff Redlin Psalm 94:18-19 04/07/2021
Finished, but Not Over Dr. Jeff Redlin 1 Corinthians 15:20 04/04/2021
Walking By Faith Dr. Jeff Redlin John 20 04/04/2021
Judas: Grace Denied Dr. Jeff Redlin John 12:3-7 03/31/2021
Unparalleled Journey: God's Guardian of Peace Dr. Jeff Redlin Philippians 4:7 03/28/2021
Starting Over Dr. Dale Adkins Genesis 8:15 03/24/2021
Unparalleled Journey: Sweet Reasonableness Dr. Jeff Redlin Philippians 4:5-6 03/21/2021
Unparalleled Journey: How to Rejoice in the Lord...Always Dr. Jeff Redlin Philippians 4:4 03/14/2021
Steps of Obedience Dr. Jeff Redlin Romans 7:1-2 03/10/2021
Unparalleled Journey: Caring Confrontations Dr. Jeff Redlin Philippians 4:1-3 03/07/2021
The Fruit of Thought Dr. Jeff Redlin Jeremiah 6 03/07/2021
Equality Dr. Jeff Redlin Ezekiel 18 02/28/2021
Unparalleled Journey: Course Corrections Dr. Jeff Redlin Philippians 3:15-21 02/28/2021
Not What I Wanted to Hear Dr. Jeff Redlin Jeremiah 42 02/21/2021
Unparalleled Journey: Graceful Contemplation Dr. Jeff Redlin Philippians 3:12-14 02/21/2021
Are Your Hearts Hardened? Dr. Jeff Redlin Mark 6:45, 8:13-17 02/17/2021
Unparalleled Journey: That I May Know Him Dr. Jeff Redlin Philippians 3:9-11 02/14/2021