Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
Given to Hospitality Jeff Redlin 08/18/2019
The Strength of the Meek Jeff Redlin 08/18/2019
The Way of the Workman Jeff Redlin 08/14/2019
Faith That Produces Faithfulness Jeff Redlin 08/11/2019
The Purpose of the Holy Spirit Jeff Redlin 08/11/2019
Hearing and Doing Tim Zacharias 08/07/2019
Grieve Not the Holy Spirit ‐ Part Two Jeff Redlin 08/04/2019
The Strength of Gentleness and Goodness Jeff Redlin 08/04/2019
Seek Ye First Joshua Burdick 07/31/2019
Grieve Not the Holy Spirit Jeff Redlin 07/28/2019
The Evidential Fruit of the Spirit Jeff Redlin 07/28/2019
If It Be So, Why Am I Thus? Jeff Redlin 07/24/2019
Filled with the Spirit Is... Jeff Redlin 07/21/2019
Peace ‐ Beyond Understanding Jeff Redlin 07/21/2019
How to Wait on God Tim Zacharias 07/07/2019
Filled With the Spirit is Not... Jeff Redlin 06/30/2019
You Can't Have One Without the Other Jeff Redlin 06/30/2019
Remember Jeff Redlin 06/23/2019
The Fruit of the Spirit is Love Jeff Redlin 06/23/2019