Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
As Soon As the Morning Was Light Denis McBride 08/20/2017
Vision Service - Together We Can Denis McBride 08/20/2017
Be Renewed Chuck Gourley 08/16/2017
Oh Such Love Denis McBride 08/13/2017
Glory in God's Work Tim Zacharias 08/09/2017
A Crisis of Conscience Denis McBride 08/06/2017
Benjamin Must Go to Egypt Denis McBride 08/06/2017
Three Biblical Tools for Marriage Denis McBride 08/02/2017
The Bread of Life Denis McBride 07/30/2017
Zaphnathpaaneah Denis McBride 07/30/2017
The Power for Marriage Denis McBride 07/26/2017
Exaltation Denis McBride 07/23/2017
Magnifying the Lord Jesus Chuck Gourley 07/23/2017
For This Cause Denis McBride 07/19/2017
The Butler Didn't Do It Denis McBride 07/16/2017
The Practice of Praise Tim Zacharias 07/16/2017
Our God Is a Consuming Fire Denis McBride 07/12/2017
Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord Tim Zacharias 07/05/2017
But He Refused Denis McBride 07/02/2017
Let Thy Mercy O Lord Be Upon Us Denis McBride 07/02/2017
Add to Your Faith Jason Young 06/28/2017
Joseph Found Them in Dothan Denis McBride 06/25/2017
The Anguish of His Soul Denis McBride 06/25/2017

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