Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
Wherefore Denis McBride 02/18/2018
The Truth About Happiness Dale Atkins 02/18/2018
God's Word Never Changes Dale Atkins 02/14/2018
The Crowd at the Cross Denis McBride 02/11/2018
Worshipping Walking Working Denis McBride 02/11/2018
The Benefits of Trusting in the Lord Tim Zacharias 02/04/2018
No More Offering For Sin Denis McBride 02/04/2018
A Heifer, A Healing, A Helper Denis McBride 01/28/2018
How to Show Respect for the Word of God Tim Zacharias 01/28/2018
Let Us Go On Tim Zacharias 01/24/2018
A More Perfect Tabernacle Denis McBride 01/21/2018
Fallow Ground Tim Zacharias 01/21/2018
This is the Sum Denis McBride 01/14/2018
Moderation Tim Zacharias 01/07/2018
A Better Hope Denis McBride 01/07/2018
121 Philippians Street Dale Adkins 01/03/2018
Making a Prayer Resolution Tim Zacharias 12/31/2017

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