Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
The Night He Was Betrayed Denis McBride 12/03/2017
Thou Art a Priest Forever Denis McBride 12/03/2017
We'll Work till Jesus Comes Dale Adkins 11/29/2017
For It Became Him Denis McBride 11/26/2017
God's Witnesses for the Season Tim Zacharias 11/26/2017
Bless the Lord O My Soul Denis McBride 11/19/2017
Your Attitude Towards God's Manna Dale Adkins 11/19/2017
Boasting of Tomorrow Will Rob Us of Today Denis McBride 11/15/2017
But We See Jesus Denis McBride 11/12/2017
How to Respond to Doubts Joshua Burdick 11/12/2017
I Will Make You To Become Fishers of Men Part 4 Denis McBride 11/08/2017
A Prescription for Peace Tim Zacharias 11/05/2017
Effecting Cultural Change Jason Young 11/05/2017
How Shall We Escape Denis McBride 10/29/2017
I Will Make You To Become Fishers of Men Part 3 Denis McBride 10/18/2017
Familiarity with God Tim Zacharias 10/15/2017
Get Out of the Tomb Denis McBride 10/15/2017

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