Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
Do What You Can Jeff Redlin 08/12/2018
One Thing I Desire Jeff Redlin 08/12/2018
Only God Jason Young 08/08/2018
Give Me the Leftovers Jeff Redlin 08/05/2018
One Thing I Need Jeff Redlin 08/05/2018
Walking with God Joshua Burdick 08/01/2018
Change Dale Adkins 07/29/2018
One Thing I Know Jeff Redlin 07/29/2018
Into the Hands of the Father Jeff Redlin 07/22/2018
The Temple of God Jeff Redlin 07/22/2018
Give Us a Little Reviving Joshua Burdick 07/18/2018
Real Ministry Dale Adkins 07/15/2018
Traits of True Worship Tim Zacharias 07/15/2018
Leaving a Godly Legacy Joshua Burdick 07/11/2018
Declaring Our Dependence Upon God Tim Zacharias 07/01/2018
What Manner of Love Dale Adkins 07/01/2018
Questions and Answers Jeff Redlin 06/24/2018
The Master, the Way, and the Reward Jeff Redlin 06/24/2018
Enoch Walked with God Dale Adkins 06/17/2018
True Worship, Part 2 Tim Zacharias 06/17/2018

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