Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
Enoch Walked with God Dale Adkins 06/17/2018
True Worship, Part 2 Tim Zacharias 06/17/2018
Biblical Stewardship Jason Young 06/13/2018
True Worship Tim Zacharias 06/10/2018
What is the Point of My Life? Joshua Burdick 06/10/2018
Exponential Spiritual Growth Tim Zacharias 06/06/2018
Life's Ebenezers Josh Burdick 05/30/2018
Remembrance Jason Young 05/27/2018
The Best Way Is God's Way Josh Burdick 05/27/2018
Nothing is Impossible Chuck Gourley 05/23/2018
A Man After God's Own Heart Denis McBride 05/20/2018
Six Commitments Dale Adkins 05/20/2018
Spiritual Chain Reactions Dale Adkins 05/16/2018
Whatever He Says, Do It! Tim Zacharias 05/13/2018
What Every Mother Ought to Know Denis McBride 05/13/2018
How to Face an Uncertain Future Denis McBride 05/06/2018
Is God with You? Dale Adkins 05/02/2018
Let's Have a Jubilee Year Denis McBride 04/29/2018
The Mitigation of Mercy Tim Zacharias 04/29/2018
Be Thou an Example Denis McBride 04/22/2018

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