Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
Trusting God When Things Do Not Work Out Dale Adkins 06/21/2017
How to Win the Battle for Your Home Dale Adkins 06/18/2017
Just Behave Chuck Gourley 06/18/2017
Faith is the Key Jason Young 06/14/2017
The Folly of Forgetting Dale Adkins 06/11/2017
Your Value in Christ Joshua Burdick 06/11/2017
Reaching the Religious Jason Young 06/07/2017
I Forgive You Joshua Burdick 06/04/2017
Uncomplicating Christianity Joshua Burdick 06/04/2017
A Refreshing Faith Joshua Burdick 05/31/2017
Be Faithful Chuck Gourley 05/21/2017
Jesus is Better Denis McBride 05/21/2017
Access and Advocate Denis McBride 05/17/2017
Let's Hear It for Jochebed! Denis McBride 05/14/2017
When You Feel Defeated Denis McBride 05/14/2017
A Family That Prays Denis McBride 05/07/2017
Great, Obedient, and Simple Faith Denis McBride 05/07/2017
A Lesson From Job's Wife Denis McBride 05/03/2017
Making Your Home a Playground Denis McBride 04/30/2017
Persuaded and Embracing Denis McBride 04/30/2017

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