Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
Be Thou an Example Denis McBride 04/22/2018
The Blessing of Boldness Tim Zacharias 04/18/2018
Godly Sorrow Denis McBride 04/15/2018
Help in Our Fallible State Tim Zacharias 04/15/2018
The Path of Happiness Denis McBride 04/08/2018
Wisdom in Limitations Dale Adkins 04/08/2018
Let God Be Your Pilot Tim Zacharias 04/04/2018
Jesus is Coming Again Denis McBride 04/01/2018
Let God Move You Tim Zacharias 04/01/2018
Pride, the Chief Sin Josh Burdick 03/28/2018
The Lord's Supper Tim Zacharias 03/25/2018
The Path of Wisdom Denis McBride 03/25/2018
Jesus' Gospel Burden To Us Dale Adkins 03/18/2018
Just Say No Denis McBride 03/18/2018
How To See Jesus in the Storm Tim Zacharias 03/11/2018
If Thou Wilt Thou Canst Make Me Clean Denis McBride 03/11/2018
A Satisfied Mind Dale Adkins 03/07/2018
Let Us Go Forth Denis McBride 03/04/2018

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