Pulpit Committee Announcements

May 27, 2018

The last several weeks have been times of sorrow and excitement. Sorrow as we honored Pastor McBride's retirement; and excitement as the church prepared for the first time to call our pastor by vote of the membership. Five men were selected to serve on a pulpit committee and search for the best candidate to serve as Senior Pastor.  

As you can imagine much preliminary work had to be accomplished before the search could begin. After several initial meetings, each committee member was asked to submit the name of his first choice. All five men submitted the same name. We agreed to take a week to pray and then once again submit the name of our first choice. The result was confirmed. By the way, this name was also one of the most often mentioned by those who sent in recommendations.  

As chairman of the pulpit committee it is my joy to announce that on June 24, Dr. Jeff Redlin will speak in the morning and evening service as a candidate for senior pastor of Campus Church. At the conclusion of the evening service, the church membership eighteen years of age and older will vote to determine if we want to extend a call to Dr. Redlin.  

Dr. Jeff Redlin is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Pensacola Theological Seminary.  After his graduation from PCC, Dr. Redlin served for two years as a college representative and then in 1988 became the youth pastor of Campus Church. This was a position he held until he left in 2003 to become the pastor of Front Range Baptist Church in Fort Collins, Colorado, a thriving growing church with a Christian school ministry. Dr. Redlin is well known across this country speaking in camps and conferences and is very much involved in the Christian School movement.  

Though the pulpit committee was well acquainted with Pastor Redlin and his ministry, we still went through the entire vetting process with him. He submitted his doctrinal statement and philosophy of ministry for us to look over and we met privately with him to discuss any and all issues of concern. After this entire process, which covered several weeks, all five committee members were still in agreement that this was the man we should recommend to the church.  

We realize that some of our newer people may not be as familiar with Dr. Redlin. You may visit the Front Range Baptist Church website to listen to messages he has preached there.  

Sunday, June 24, is a very important date in the history of this great church. All members should do their very best to be present on that day to vote.  Members who are unable to attend due to health, or previously scheduled obligations will be given an opportunity to vote absentee.  

Now more than ever we call upon the members and friends of Campus Church to join us in praying for God’s direction and for His will to be done.

You can view the video of the announcement on Twitter.


May 20, 2018

The Campus Church Pulpit Committee is eager to make its recommendation known to the members of the church. The process includes initial discussions with potential pastors and an invitation to consider candidacy. Once a potential pastor accepts that invitation, it is a courtesy to allow him to announce it first. When this happens, the Campus Church will be fully informed immediately.

With vacation season just around the corner, each announcement and update will be posted on the church website and Twitter.  If a vote can be arranged for some time during the summer, the date will be planned for after standard vacation times and will be announced well in advance.

Please pray that God will give clear direction and confirmation for taking these next steps in the leadership of the Campus Church.


May 18, 2018

The pulpit committee has been meeting regularly and has made much progress in seeking qualified candidates to recommend to the church. We want to keep the church as informed as possible, but we also need to protect the privacy of the ministries of the men we are considering. The input we have received from church members has been very valuable and appreciated.

In the near future, we as a church will have the opportunity to vote on who our next pastor will be.  When this vote takes place, all members of the Campus Church who are 18 years of age and older will be asked to decide on the man we believe God would have lead us.

One candidate at a time will be presented for a yes or no vote. We do not want to create a situation like in the book of I Corinthians where, "I am of Paul" and "I of Apollos" and "I of Cephas" became the rule of the day. We request that each member prayerfully consider the candidate and ask, "Do I believe this man has the qualifications and gifts that could be used of God to be our next pastor?"

According to the by-laws, a 75% majority of those voting is required to issue a call. It is possible that the vote will take place this summer. A vote for pastor must be announced in at least five consecutive services. The vote will not take place during the May 27 through June 11 timeframe, but an announcement of an upcoming vote could be made then. If so, the announcement will be accessible on this webpage.

Please continue to pray for the pulpit committee that God's will would be done. Our greatest desire is the same as yours: that we would find the man God has chosen to be the next under-shepherd of this great work!

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